How to plan if things go wrong with your flight


Like most people out there, you travel for leisure. When you go on a vacation you want everything to be perfect starting with the flight to your exotic holiday destination.

However, few things in this life go as planned. Here are a few tips on how to tweak your plan if things go wrong with your flight:

What if your flight gets delayed or canceled?

We’ve all been there! You pack your bags and excitedly jump into a taxi singing to the airport. Sadly, when you arrive there, you find out that your flight has either been delayed or canceled. The vacation that you have been expecting all year long seems to crumble to ruins before it even starts.

If you find yourself in this dire situation, you have a better choice than to call another taxi and head back home with your tail between your legs.

First off, you should check with the airline to see the reasons for the delay or the cancellation. If your flight does not leave within the next six hours, you are entitled to compensation. You may even ask a professional company on the matter to support your cause without a commission fee if you do not win. But, more than often these experts manage to get some money back for your claim.

Secondly, you should look for last-minute flights. Many airlines try to fill their last seats right before departure, and you may find an even better deal with another company.

What if you get bumped from your flight?

This situation is one of the most stressful experiences for air travel passengers everywhere. It may be that the company overbooked a flight and decides to randomly bump people off the flight.

If this unpleasant event happens to you, make sure that you ask for cash instead of a resale ticket for another flight. Some companies may offer you discount vouchers or coupons. Do not accept them! Always go for the full refund of your ticket fare.

What if your baggage gets lost?

OK, so your flight did not suffer delays or cancellations and you made your destination in one piece, but your baggage hasn’t. In fact, there is nowhere to be found. What to do now? You are in a foreign country with just the clothes on your back and a few personal belongings.

First off, you should contact the airline and file a complaint. According to the US Department of Transportation, you are entitled to a maximum baggage liability reimbursement of $1,600. Airlines may pay more than that if you sue them, but legally they are not required to do it.

You will not receive your reimbursement immediately, so, for now, you will have to dig deep into your savings to buy the clothes and items that were lost during the flight. It is always preferable to tag your luggage with your name to avoid it being misplaced in transit.